Dienstag, 11. Februar 2014

thanks for all your blessings my friends (^_^)

thanks for all your blessings my friends (^_^) it make me happy that you are all with us even on sunday, where this sad story begun... cause of all your good wishes and the love we gave her, she had an beautyful life that was as beautyful as herself. We all miss her, for some reason i think Schnucki and Lucky the most... but she will be still in our hearts... i will not be online for the next days i think and also a new video tomorrow will be fail. We rest some time and work on when we made the final task and made her grave as her last place to sleep to a beautyful place to think about her (-_-) we will show it to you when we made all fine, but now we have to work and not really the time, so we do it on the weekend ♥

i will make an picture or something like that, but i have to think about it more... but i will show it to you, when all is fine and i can sleep better, i dreamed something really scary last night and the last 2 weeks are like an endless period of time for me now... when i think about the last year, woahhh...so fast gone, but now is every day like my heart split into a thousend pieces, sorry for answering this late (^.^) we will see again in some days so please wait for me (^_~)

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