Mittwoch, 23. April 2014

Daily Food Diary (^_^) #1

This is the food, my pets get today (^.^)

Bella, Lucky and Snow:
3 apples, 1 salad, 3 tomatos, 1/2 zucchini, 2 carrots and 4 hands full of hay

1 "Dein Bestes" potatos and cow and some goodies

1 apple piece, 1/2 hand full of hay, 1 salad leaf

1 "Dein Bestes" lamb, 1 "Dein Bestes" fish, 1 "Dein Bestes" cow and some goodies

Me and my husband:
1 plate noodles with spinach for each of us (^.~)

Good meal for one day i think (^.^) tomorrow more from what my pets and we eat hehe (^_~)

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  1. Such Spoiled buns,just saw your message Mia,sorry I have been a bit slack,email me about the sort of stuff you want to do and we can come up with a plan,I would love to do something with you on the blogs,xx Rachel