Dienstag, 6. Mai 2014

Daily Food Diary #14

This is the food, we eat today (^.^)

Bella, Lucky and Snow:
4 apples, 5 carrots  and 5 hands full of hay

1 "Dein Bestes" cow and vegetables in sauce and some goodies

1/2 hand full of hay, 1 piston millet

1 "Dein Bestes" cow and cheeze, 1 "Dein Bestes" chicken in sauce and some goodies

Me and my husband:
1 plate of noodles with tomatosauce and some pieces of chocolate (^_~) the chocolate is now empty (-_-)

Today was a good day when i see what we all eat, but the weather could be better... but i said it already in my first post from today (^_~)

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