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Interview Serie 1 - Teil 3: Marina Etuci

Todays Interview is something special (^_~) we talked to my Malaysian Friend Marina. She is one of the first visitors from my Google+ profile. So she know us from the very beginning and for me it is the same with her. She was also not so long online there. She liked our pets and talked often about it with me. She had a lot of pets too in her live. Now she is telling us in short words about herself. So i hope you enjoy her answers the same way i liked (^_^)

Mia: How long have you been enthusiastic animal and how you came to your pets, what excites you about them?

Marina: How long? well its since my childhood. :) I always like animals and most of my pets before are not coming from the shops. Its mostly a gift from a friends and family and some i saved it with my dad.
What excites me most about them is their reactions towards our kindness. Its a quid pro quo relationships. I gave shelter and food to them and they give me joy and love.

Mia: If you were a pet, what would you most like to do and what not so?

Marina: If i were a pet,i would love to sleep all day like cats. XDDD and i dont like if the feeding time is late.

Mia: If your pets could talk to you, what would you think they probably ever want to say to you?

Marina: If they can talk, i guess they would say " i love you and thanks for giving me food and shelter" :)

Mia: Many may not know it, because they do not know you, but you're also against the senseless killing of animals for the fur industry. If you had the chance to do something about it, what would it be?

Marina: Faux fur! i believed the faux fur is the solution. Because human are greedy and killing because of money. If we can substitute the animal's fur to something else that would be the best solution.If i had a chance to do something about it, for sure i would relate it with my arts. I can spread the awareness through my arts :)

Mia: At the end. What was your best experience with your pets?

Marina: The best experience with my pets are many but one distinctive moment is when one of my cat try to protect me from a snake.

That sounds really great. I liked you answer and i am deeply impressed that you say, the best moment was when your cat saved you from an snake. It is like in many ways we hear about it. The biggest prove of love is when you deside to give your life in exchange for the life you want to save (^_~) with this i want to end the todays interview and i thank Marina for answering us like the others. Down to this article i will give you the links to her profile if you are also interessted in her. Nex week again some interview with some special animals again. Hope you are waiting for it.

Google+: Marina Etuci

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