Samstag, 14. Juni 2014

Daily Food Diary #53

This is the food, we eat today (^.^)

Bella, Lucky and Snow:
3 apples, 7 carrots, 1 salad and 4 hands of hay
1 "Dein Bestes Kau Genuss" with veal and turkey and 1 "Dein Bestes" juicy sausages with poultry
1/2 hand full of hay and some pieces of salad
1 "Sheba Selection" with poultry chunks, 1 "Rewe" salmon pate with trout morsels on yogurt jelly, 15 "Purina One Steril Cat" with beef, around 3 cm "Winston" malt paste,
Me and my husband:
1 plate with grilled potatos and an mexican vegetable mix in tomato sauce and 1 plate with tomato mozzarella salad (^_~)

Today was so funny (^.^) we shopped again so much and my husband and me had so much fun while doing this (^_~) we played together today with Susi and Schnucki, something like hide and seek and also a bit hunting, one time we hunted them, then they run after us hehe (^_~) so funny (^.^) the rabbits also played with us, Bella run together with Schnucki and Snow tried to catch Bella (^_^) only Lucky laid down like normal and was not in the mood for playing with us (~_~) too bad but who know tomorrow is an new day i think (^_^) til then, bye (^_~)

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