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Interview Serie 1 - Teil 4: Miki Shindo

Today we have again some special friend of us interviewed. Hope you all like this section in our blog (^.^) Miki Shindo is today telling us something about her chins (chinchillas). She is so kind hearted and if you read her answers you know what i mean. We wish you fun while reading.

Mia: How long have you been enthusiastic animal and how you came to chinchillas, what excites you about your chins?

Miki: well, i've been enthusiastic animals when i was child (^^)

when i was 7 years old, i had 2 lovebirds, this was the first time i lived with animals .

then, i lived with a dog , budgerigars, hamsters, and now live with chinchillas since 2010 (^^)

my husband and i thought about living with rabbits or guinea pigs because they are so adorable, but chinchillas are much more adorable for us because of their gesture with their hands (^^)

they are so attractive, but it's so difficult to express with words (^~)

Mia: If you were a chinchilla, what would you most like to do and what not so?

Miki: if i was a chinchilla, i like to play outside of the cage with family every time , and i don't like to stay hot and humid and small place (^^)

Mia: If your chinchilla could talk to you, what would you think they probably ever want to say to you?

Miki: if my chinchillas could talk to me, probably they say ' hey, let's play with us , so why don't you open the cage? you should open the door of our cages all the time !'

Mia: Many may not know it, because they do not know you, but you're also against the senseless killing of animals for the fur industry. If you had the chance to do something about it, what would it be?

Miki: i'm truly against the fur industry , so i've made up my mind that i never buy and use fur products.

if i have a chance to do something to go fur free, i want to join the campaign for it, and let the people know about cruelty of fur products...

Mia: At the end. What was your best experience with your chinchillas?

Miki: my best experience with my chins ♡

it was on December , 2011, when Lira was pregnant , then she delivered Tsubame and Mizuho on 28th of March, 2012 (^^)

unfortunately, i wasn't at home for my job when Lira delivered her babies (^^)

when i got home and found her babies in her cage, i felt very, very big happiness ♡

That sounds so great (^.^) again we loved to read about the feelings of others and there pets (^_~) that the birth of your youngest chins was the best experience sounds good, even when you saw it not directly but it think it was something that made your love only stronger, to know that you helped to give an new life an chance of growing up (^_~) thanks for telling this to us and for sharing will other animal lovers (^_^)

For all who want to know more about Miki and her chins, we will give you some links to her social media profiles on facebook, twitter and google+ where we found each other the first time (^_^) new week than the last interview of this first series (^_~) but i think we do something like that again, than day for day there are more animal lovers who found us and tell about there pets and how wonderful it is to live with them (^_~)

Facebook: Miki Shindo
Twitter: Chillafami
Google+:  Miki S

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