Sonntag, 9. Februar 2014

My beloved Cleo ♡

It seems that the heaven is calling Cleo, the otheres cuddle her and even Schnucki layed next to her watching... hope she will get better, but at her age it could be the normal way of life. Now it seems that my new week begins like the last one... Lucky is help her clean up herself and Bella hold her warm. Schnucki kissed her forehead before he goes in for some minutes. How should i see this?

But now we can only wait til tomorrow to see, what will happen. It could also be better, who knows?! I am happy that i was with her today to spend her love and all she need ♡

Sorry for all who will hear nothing from me today (comments, likes etc.), but i am with her a bit longer ♡ greetings to all out there asking after her, let us all be with her ♡

Cleo looks not good today... hope it is nothing bad...