Montag, 10. Februar 2014

Rest in Peace Cleo, we will never forget your life that was full of love and fun ♡ i miss you my little furball...

It is now exactly what happens, what I have already guessed yesterday. Cleo is now gone peacefully from us. The last evening we all spent with her, say goodbye and help her with all our love to make it easy for her and also for us. It is cruel that we could do nothing again it. Cleo fought 2011 again the dark hands of the death, but together we defeated the cancer and after half an year she was as this nightmare never happens. But now there was no choice and so we made her all comfortable. Like i already said yesterday, Lucky cleaned her fur, Snow layed behind and Bella to her left to hold her warm. Schnucki kissed her goodbye on her forehead. Then around 12 in the night she began to walk again. I gave her salad and she eat with Bella together. Around 1 at night i go to sleep after they all cuddled again and sleeped.

At the morning (i could not really sleep) i goes outside at 6. Cleo was alive, but there was something in the air, i feeled it. Cleo walked around there house, watched everything with small opened eyes. Then she walked outside, goes around and at the end, she layed down before my feets. She looked into my eyes and closed hers after some minutes. She sleeped away, without any hurts. The other bunnies came to for a last huge and to take her heart to the other side ♡

The rest of the day we need to prepare her for the last way. We desided after Charlottes death (last week -_-) that we want to made her an real grave. It is hard, cause Teddy and Charlotte lay now next to the rhine, but for all our pets in future, we want to have an place to go, to remind the souls that gone. We found some pet cemetery near us. The costs are still high (150€) but it is only because there are not much people now, that make this for her pets. With more people who would do this for there pets, it would cost not so much, but that only at the edge of this theme. She was buried there in an little coffin with an towel. The woman who manage all, made her ready for our last goodbye. She comb through her fur and layed her soft into the coffin. Then we walked to the place, where her men layed the coffin into the earth. Than we was some minutes next to her alone, me and my husband. It was hard, but i was strong for her. At the end we speaked a bit about her life and leaved after the earth was taken onto her. At the weekend we will bring her some presents, so that we can remember her there.

It is crazy but, now that i wrote this, i notice, that tears running down my face...i miss you my little furball...
Rest in Peace Cleo, we will never forget your life that was full of love and fun ♡