Freitag, 13. Juni 2014

Daily Food Diary #52

This is the food, we eat today (^.^)

Bella, Lucky and Snow:
3 apples, 7 carrots, 1 zucchini and 4 hands of hay
1 "Dein Bestes Kau Genuss" with veal and turkey and 1 "Dein Bestes" juicy sausages with poultry
1/2 hand full of hay and some pieces of zucchini
1 "Felix Fleischauswahl" with beef in jelly, 1 "Winston Feine Mahlzeit" beef and mortadella in a delicate sauce, 10 "Purina One Steril Cat" with beef, around 3 cm "Winston" malt paste, 5 "Felix Crispies" with lamp, around 50 ml "Dein Bestes" cat milk
Me and my husband:
1 plate with pasta and tomato sauce and 1 plate with tomato mozzarella salad (^_~)

Sorry for beeing so late today, we watched football again hehe (^.^) it was really funny to see this match hehe (^_~) we are waiting for the next match now it starts in some minutes they said (^_~) my husband is also playing football with Schnucki now, but they kick an stuffed mouse (~_~) seems crazy if you ask me (^.^)

some say black cats bring calamity,

we mean no animal is responsible for the luck or misfortune of a man. everyone is responsible for his own happiness (^_~) beautiful Friday the 13th

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