Montag, 16. Juni 2014

Daily Food Diary #55

This is the food, we eat today (^.^)

Bella, Lucky and Snow:
4 apples, 4 carrots, 2 bananas, 1 hand of herbs and 4 hands of hay
1 "Winston Delikat" with beef and wholemeal and 1 "Winston Feine Würstchen" with liver sausage
1/2 hand full of hay and 1 piece of an banana
1 "Winston Feine Mahlzeit" with venison and duck in fine jelly, 1 "Moments Sorry" with pacific tuna, 15 "Purina One Steril Cat" with beef, around 3 cm "Winston" malt paste,
Me and my husband:
1 plate with pasta in tomato mozzarella sauce and 1 plate with tomato mozzarella salad

What an day (^.^) i worked til 6 pm than the soccer play begun with out me, cooking directly after coming home and watch tv in the same time (^_^) but it was such an funny evening again (^_~) hope you all had also an funny day and we meet again tomorrow (^.^) i made pasta today it was so delicious hehe (^_~)

Snow while eating in the dark hehe ♡ so cute hehe ^_~

 this was last night after watching soccer hehe ^_~

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