Dienstag, 19. August 2014

Rest in Peace Bella - The sun today shines only because you smile in heaven for all of us

Today is so dark for us all here. Now, after such an long period of dark, rainy days, the sun shine again over cologne. I think this could be a sign from her, that all is right (^_^)

Last night i was right next to her with the others... it seems so bad, but i think she feeled no pain. The doc said this yesterday too. She only wanted to rest. Around 2 at night it ended then. She still asleeps with an smile on her face (-_-)

What should i say, i think this is not what i want for her, but i could do nothing in this moment, that hurts. Today we want to lay her down where Cleo also rest, so they could be together...

On the other side of the bridge she waits from now with all the others and on one day, we will see this place too with all the rabbits that run there and want to thank for the good live we give to them...

I think this is all i can say now, Rest in Peace my little princess, you did well and we are all happy, that we had the chance to live with you, such an open hearted rabbit like you will never exist again i think, you walked to everyone you see the first time, like you know him since years and even other animals loved you for this ♡ thanks for that all ♡