Samstag, 23. August 2014

Free from any pain she sleeps now next to Cleo - Rest in Peace Bella

Today we made up the grave from Bella and Cleo a bit. I know it is not right to stand some picture from Teddy and Charlotte, cause they lay on some other place (~_~) but we thought it is some good idea (^.^) we buyed some rabbit that stands now in the forground of the angelwings and the pictures (^_^) what do you think about how we made it? Next time we will go there, we will stand up some picture from Bella alone too and Teddy and Charlotte also, but now the money was running out, cause such an grave is really expensive (-_-) But i feel really good now, that all was made up so that i think it is really good (^_^) now my heart will not cry anymore, it was hard to lose Bella from one to the other second, but it is alright, who knows, if she has some important mission in heaven (^_~) Next time i will be online again, but for now, i will be a bit longer silent, hope you all understand this (-_-) we also want to plan what we do now with Lucky and Snow, we want to put them inside, but we do not know from now on how?! (~_~) lets see (^_~)

We wish all who read this an nice weekend and also an nice new week (^_^)