Donnerstag, 22. Januar 2015

Daily Food Diary #154

Lucky and Snow

4 hands of hay
6 carrots
1 iceberg lettuce
1 hand of fruit salad 
1 "Winston" piston millet


1 "Rewe" noble fish in herb sauce
1 "Sheba" with poultry in sauce
5 "Dein Bestes Exquisit" meaty chunks with turkey and liverwurst
some "Dein Bestes" malt paste

1 "Dein Bestes" Nibbler rod with chicken, duck and cat grass


1 "Winston Delikat" with poultry and wild marjoram
3 "Dein Bestes Funktion+" pillow mix

My Husband and Me

1 plate potato casserole with peas, beans and carrots 
some "Rewe Ja!" wholemeal butter biscuit

Today there was someone from the headquarter and he is not working so fast, this is so crazy (^_^) how can he be in such an position with this slow performance hehe (^_~)

Schnucki is so cute, he is sleeping now with Lucky and Snow together in there hay hehe (^_~) i love my little babies (^_^)

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