Sonntag, 22. Februar 2015

2015, KW 8 - Was bisher geschah... Wochenrückblick Nr. 44

Today is the day (^_^) the 8th weekly review of 2015. We hope you had fun last week, we will show you, what happend, short and compact (^_~)

Monday, 16.02.2015

Schnucki has to bring out the trash. But i think he does not know, how he could do this?!

Tuesday, 17.02.2015

Susi is afraid because of the noise outside. The carnival was held in cologne and even when she knew it, she fears every year (^_^)

Wednesday, 18.02.2015

Lucky, Schnucki and Snow eat together salad in the morning. Who see the mistake in this picture (^_~)

Thursday, 19.02.2015

Lucky and Snow while eating some dandelion in the morning. This was the best they could do on this cold day (^_^)

Friday, 20.02.2015

Schnucki made the best out of friday, he sleeped while i was going to work (~_~)

Saturday, 21.02.2015

In this video we showed, what Lucky and Snow get every morning (^_^)

Sunday, 22.02.2015

Schnucki enjoyed yesterday the sun, today he enjoy to make trouble hehe (^_~)

This was our week. We hope you all had fun. For the next week we want to say, that we make some holiday. We hope you will be with us again in the 10. week of 2015 (^_~) til than we wish all followers an good time, greetings Mia from Kaninchenfan Lucky - Mein Kaninchenloch

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Yesterday the sun was shining and Schnucki enjoyed it, today it is rainy and snowy (~_~)

how could this be?!

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Samstag, 21. Februar 2015

Frühstück bei den Kaninchen - Was darf auf keinen Fall fehlen?

Hallo Leute, heute zeigen wir euch, was unsere Kaninchen so zum Frühstück bekommen. Gewünscht hat sich das unsere Zuschauerin Evelyn Schnebel (^_^) wir hoffen euch gefällt das Video (^_~)

Kommentieren und Liken ist erwünscht, Abonnenten sind jederzeit willkommen (^_^)

Besucht auch meine Website, dort könnt Ihr die neusten Bilder und Videos zu unseren Tieren jederzeit einsehen. Also wartet nicht länger und folgt dem Link ;)




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Bescherung bei unseren kleinen Fellmonstern - Christmas Presents for our little fur monsters:

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English Description:

Hi folks, today we show you what our rabbits get so for breakfast. Wanted has it our viewer Evelyn Schnebel (^_^) we hope you like the video (^ _ ~)

Review and Liken is desired subscribers are always welcome (^_^)


嗨伙計,今天我們展示一下我們的兔子變得這麼早餐。想擁有它了觀眾伊夫林Schnebel(^_^)我們希望你喜歡的視頻(^ _〜)





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Freitag, 20. Februar 2015

Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2015

Lucky, Schnucki und Snow teilen sich das Frühstück

Hallo Zusammen, heute zeige ich euch unsere 3 Racker beim gemütlichen Frühstück an einem noch gemütlicherem Mittwoch morgen (^_^) wir wünschen euch wieder viel Spaß beim ansehen (^_~)

Vergesst nicht, kommentieren und "Daumen hoch" ist erwünscht, Abonnenten sind jederzeit willkommen (^_~)

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weitere Videos:
Hidden Cam - 10 min aus dem Leben glücklicher Nins:

Kaninchen roden einen Petersilienstrauch in 2 Minuten:

Zum Kanal mit mehr Videos von unserem Trio geht es hier:

abonniert uns, dann seht Ihr auch weiterhin 2 Mal die Woche etwas von uns (^_~):

English Description:

Hi, today I show you our 3 rascals when leisurely breakfast on a still more intimate Wednesday morning (^_^) we wish you again a lot of fun watching (^_~)

Do not forget to comment and "thumbs up" is desired subscribers are always welcome (^_~)


嗨,我今天告訴你我們3無賴當上一個更親密的週三早上悠閒的早餐(^_^)我們希望你再有很多樂趣觀看(^ _〜)

不要忘了評論,“豎起大拇指”,是期望用戶總是受歡迎的(^ _〜)




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Dienstag, 17. Februar 2015

Sonntag, 15. Februar 2015

2015, KW 7 - Was bisher geschah... Wochenrückblick Nr. 43

It is time for the weekly review (^_^) hope you had not waited to long hehe (^_^)

Monday, 09.02.2015

On Monday morning i had an meeting with Schnuckis teeth. He wanted so food, so he bit me in my leg (^_^) i am so happy that he not bit really, it is more like an kiss hehe (^_~)

Tuesday, 10.02.2015

Lucky was searching his toilette (~_~) what an curious scene hehe (^_^)

Wednesday, 11.02.2015

We showed again some new Product Check from cat food. Again something from "DM". Next time we will show some others i promise (^_~)

Thursday, 12.02.2015

We made some new food station for Schnucki but also for Lucky and Snow. Both drink there water together with Schnucki from the while cup in the left (^_^)

Friday, 13.02.2015

On Friday i was a bit earlier at home, so Lucky was surprised to see me in daylight hehe (^_^)

Saturday, 14.02.2015

Yesterday we gave our pets some presents for valentines day (^_^) Schnucki got some new mouse and could not wait to attack her (^_~)

Sunday, 15.02.2015

Today we made some new video for next week and we all had fun while making and Schnucki enjoyed it to play with the banana (^_^) Lucky and Snow are shocked that he now eats the banana without them hehe (^_~)

This was our week number 7 of 2015. We hope you enjoyed watching us. Please be with us also in the next week, than we will show you this video and much more hehe (^_^) lovely greetings from Mia, Kaninchenfan Lucky - Mein Kaninchenloch

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Daily Food Diary #177

Lucky and Snow

4 hands of hay
6 carrots
1 banana
1 field salad
1 hand of fruit salad 
1 "Dein Bestes Natur Verliebt" dandelion with marigolds


1 "Gourmet Perle" with tuna in sauce
1 "Winston Feine Mahlzeit" beef and lamp in a delicate sauce
5 "whiskas" with chicken
5 "Whiskas Dentabites" with chicken


1 "Dein Bestes Delikates Nest" with bark and
fine potato-herb core
1 "Dein Bestes Salami-Snacks" with beef

My Husband and Me

1 plate with potato salad
1 pita bread with iceberg lettuce, onions, red cabbage,
tomatoes, cucumbers and tzatziki

Today was really funny, first we watched the Harry Potter Exhibition in Cologne and after that we enjoyed the festival nearby with costumes hehe (^_~)

Schnucki also wanted some, but they had no rabbit costumes in his size hehe (^_^)

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All together enjoy the day (^_^)

this day will never come again hehe (^_~)

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Samstag, 14. Februar 2015

Daily Food Diary #176

Lucky and Snow

4 hands of hay
7 carrots
1 iceberg lettuce
1 cucumber
1 apples
1 cup "Dein Bestes natur verliebt" menu for rabbits
- grain free- with flowers of cornflower and marigold
6 "Dein Bestes Bunte Knabber-Kissen" with alfalfa, 
flax seeds and oats
1 Hand "Winston" dandelion


1 "Dein Bestes BBQ" marinated strips of turkey
1 "Dein Bestes" with plaice in sauce
some "Dein Bestes" malt paste


1 "Dein Bestes" with turkey and beef
1 "Winston Feine Würstchen" with liver sausage

My Husband and Me

1 plate serbian bean soup with bread
1 pizza with tomatos, mozzarella and tomato sauce 

Today was funny, we buyed the first things for our new home (^_^) and also some new toy mouse for Schnucki, he love this mouse, we showed a video to, so please stay and watch the post before hehe (^_~)

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