Sonntag, 1. Februar 2015

2015, KW 5 - Was bisher geschah... Wochenrückblick Nr. 41

This week i want to do this in english (^_^) all of our sites use this as an "main" language and so i think it is only good for all, if we use it in this post to (^_~)

One more week has gone and we will show you, what happened last week (^_^)

Monday, 26. 01. 2015

The first day of the last week was good, this picture shows Schnucki while eating his food in the morning (^_~) an really early morning (~_~)

Tuesday, 27. 01. 2015

Snow was a bit surprised that i go not directly to work this day (^_^) i played a bit with them and then i was going too (^_^)

Wednesday, 28. 01. 2015

We showed you some new product video with Schnucki (^_^) hope you all liked it (^_~)

Thursday, 29. 01. 2015

This was the last picture of Susi... with long fur (^_~) in some days i will show you, how she looks like now (^_^)

Friday, 30. 01. 2015

On Friday Lucky explored the living room more than ever hehe (^_^) he found finally the way to the bed room (~_~) if this is good or not will only show the future (-_-)

Saturday, 31. 01. 2015

Yesterday, Schnucki did some milk kicks like little cats do by there mother (^_^) so cute (#^_^#)

Sunday, 01. 02. 2015

Today we all enjoyed the day and do nearly... nothing (~_~) a bit breathing and eating, but nothing more hehe (^_^) sometimes, we also need this days hehe (^_^)

This was our week, we hope you all had fun and enjoyed this week with us to (^_~) be also with us in the next week, til than, we wish an nice week and a lot of greetings to all of you from our pets and me, Mia, Kaninchenfan Lucky - Mein Kaninchenloch

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