Sonntag, 15. Februar 2015

2015, KW 7 - Was bisher geschah... Wochenrückblick Nr. 43

It is time for the weekly review (^_^) hope you had not waited to long hehe (^_^)

Monday, 09.02.2015

On Monday morning i had an meeting with Schnuckis teeth. He wanted so food, so he bit me in my leg (^_^) i am so happy that he not bit really, it is more like an kiss hehe (^_~)

Tuesday, 10.02.2015

Lucky was searching his toilette (~_~) what an curious scene hehe (^_^)

Wednesday, 11.02.2015

We showed again some new Product Check from cat food. Again something from "DM". Next time we will show some others i promise (^_~)

Thursday, 12.02.2015

We made some new food station for Schnucki but also for Lucky and Snow. Both drink there water together with Schnucki from the while cup in the left (^_^)

Friday, 13.02.2015

On Friday i was a bit earlier at home, so Lucky was surprised to see me in daylight hehe (^_^)

Saturday, 14.02.2015

Yesterday we gave our pets some presents for valentines day (^_^) Schnucki got some new mouse and could not wait to attack her (^_~)

Sunday, 15.02.2015

Today we made some new video for next week and we all had fun while making and Schnucki enjoyed it to play with the banana (^_^) Lucky and Snow are shocked that he now eats the banana without them hehe (^_~)

This was our week number 7 of 2015. We hope you enjoyed watching us. Please be with us also in the next week, than we will show you this video and much more hehe (^_^) lovely greetings from Mia, Kaninchenfan Lucky - Mein Kaninchenloch

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