Sonntag, 22. Februar 2015

2015, KW 8 - Was bisher geschah... Wochenrückblick Nr. 44

Today is the day (^_^) the 8th weekly review of 2015. We hope you had fun last week, we will show you, what happend, short and compact (^_~)

Monday, 16.02.2015

Schnucki has to bring out the trash. But i think he does not know, how he could do this?!

Tuesday, 17.02.2015

Susi is afraid because of the noise outside. The carnival was held in cologne and even when she knew it, she fears every year (^_^)

Wednesday, 18.02.2015

Lucky, Schnucki and Snow eat together salad in the morning. Who see the mistake in this picture (^_~)

Thursday, 19.02.2015

Lucky and Snow while eating some dandelion in the morning. This was the best they could do on this cold day (^_^)

Friday, 20.02.2015

Schnucki made the best out of friday, he sleeped while i was going to work (~_~)

Saturday, 21.02.2015

In this video we showed, what Lucky and Snow get every morning (^_^)

Sunday, 22.02.2015

Schnucki enjoyed yesterday the sun, today he enjoy to make trouble hehe (^_~)

This was our week. We hope you all had fun. For the next week we want to say, that we make some holiday. We hope you will be with us again in the 10. week of 2015 (^_~) til than we wish all followers an good time, greetings Mia from Kaninchenfan Lucky - Mein Kaninchenloch

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